Pitango Gelato & Dolcezza: Two Favorite Spots for Gelato in DC

Dolcezza is well-known for its beautiful decorated locations and original flavors. Pitango Gelato’s flavors are more classic, but taste extremely pure, rich and delicious (I know, it’s a cliché, but their hazelnut gelato is to die for!). Both places make ‘gelato’, the Italian version of ice cream. It contains less fat and is churned differently than regular ice cream. Despite its lower fat content gelato is thick, dense, smooth and super creamy. At both places they also make wonderful coffee, so it’s a real treat to go there (I find the combination of coffee and gelato irresistible). Almost needless to say that they only work with top ingredients, something you taste immediately. Good to know: at the Dolcezza Factory, situated behind the hip Union Market, you can also get tours and tastings.

dolcezza binnen-1439dolcezza entree-1432pitango koffie-1596

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