Kitchen Table Menu at Garage Royal

How wonderful! Tonight Restaurant Garage Royal will cook a German Menu form our cookbook Kitchen Table Food. Garage Royal is situated in an old garage on a former military base, which is close to the Kröller Müller Museum at the Veluwe. In their gigantic pizza oven they bake the best Flammkuchen ever! On the menu are also our Potato Salad with Fennel and Tarragon, our Roasted Beet Salad, our Apfelstrudel, and our Cowboy Barks. It’s not too late to make a reservation.

Garage Royal
Koningsweg 23A
6816 TD Arnhem
t 06 147 914 74

aardappelsalade boek_MG_7415
bietensalade 3-0619
KTF apfelstrudel_MG_8022 KLEINgarage royal-1393 copy

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