Souvenirs from Köln

Some friends really know how to celebrate their birthdays. Last weekend we spent three days in Köln (Cologne), in Germany. In between breakfast, dinner and dancing all night long I tried to explore the city and made a few long walks. And spent an awful lot of money mainly in the Belgisches Viertel, a part of the Bezirk Neustadt-Nord.

Photo above: Two postcards, found at Siebter Himmel, a design and book shop at Brüsseler Straße. The coaster comes from Bar Schmitz, where I spent most of my time. One of the best bars and restaurants around, three locations next to each other. Good food, even better atmosphere.


KTF souvenirs keulen_MG_9015Photo 1 from upper left clockwise: Sweet cookies with a bite: these Gewürzprinten can be found at many bakeries around town. One of the most beautiful German cookbooks at the moment is Kraut Kopf, from the well-know vegetarian food blog. Below is a tin of Köln Hölzer cookies, I just bought because I love the design of the small tin. These cookies look just like big matches (Streichhölzer), should be tasty, and are typical for the city. The funny little cookbook about Pudding, next to the tin, is brand new but looks old and vintage. Found it at the beautiful little shop Pop Up Papier, part of the Buchbinderei Schäfer. The little blue pot from House Doctor is ideal for small items on your desk or sugar cubes which no-one uses in their coffee anyway. I bought it at Kauf Dich Glücklich, where I used to buy my clothes when I still lived in Berlin. And there it is, the famous Kölsch, beer from Cologne. It is served in small glasses of 20 cl only, and sold in bottles too. Schmitz Kölsch comes, of course, from the chain Schmitz (three restaurants and their own beer).


KTF souvenirs keulen2_MG_9018

Photo 2 from upper left clockwise: Oops, there is more… Lots of cookbooks indeed! Zitronen, as well as Tomaten and Möhren (Carrots, obviously) are from a beautiful series of tiny cookbooks. I dare say we have better recipes on our blog but the design is just beautiful. The brown pen next to Zitronen is Japanese and it says brownie, I bought it for my eldest daughter who craves a brownie every now and then. I forgot to write down the name of the shop where I bought the Wildbach Zartbitter (extra dark) but I would like to stress that the chocolate does NOT come from the Schokoladenmuseum, which is a bit of a tourist trap. The postcards in the middle are from both Siebter Himmel and Pop Up Papier. And yes, Schwarzbrot is a must in the Rheinland. Dark rye bread, which keeps for ages and is wrapped in old-fashioned packings like the one shown here (and it isn’y even from a special bakery). Last but not least: Hafervoll. Flapjacks made with fruit. Perfect for a late afternoon snack if you don’t have time to sit for Kaffee und Kuchen… O and I almost forgot to mention the tea towel from Ferm Living, acquired at Kauf Dich Glücklich. No. 23,435 of my ever growing tea towel collection…


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