Red Fruit Breakfast

I know, it’s hardly a recipe, but I want to share it anyhow because it tastes really good! Just combine juicy watermelon with good quality goat cheese, some mint and red currants. That’s it. Drink it with freshly pressed citrus juice. Easy peasy but it looks great.

Breakfast, serves 4
Action Time: 10 minutes

1 small watermelon
5 oz / 150 g soft goat cheese
a few sprigs of mint
about 9 oz / 250 g red currants

For the juice:
4 red grapefruits
4 oranges
2 lemons

Extra: juicer

1. Slice and dice the watermelon. Divide over 4 plates. Crumble the goat cheese over each plate, garnish with the mint and red currants.

2. Juice the citrus fruits and pour into 4 glasses.

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