We are very happy with a beautiful book review in the Dutch culinary magazine Elle Eten.

EE 5-2015 IMG_1230

EE 5-2015 IMG_1231

EE 5-2015 IMG_1232

EE 5-2015 IMG_1233

EE 5-2015 IMG_1234

Also a nice review in Dutch lifestyle magazine Viva (42-2015)

VIVA 42-2015 1 IMG_1235

VIVA 42-2015 2 IMG_1236kopie

VIVA 42-2015 3 IMG_1237kopie

A lot of Dutch bloggers payed attention to our book as well:

-Denise Kortlever of TLT The Little Things
Gereon de Leeuw
De Smaak van Cecile
Laurie van Lauriekoek

Our recipes featured also in the Dutch culinary magazine delicous. (June, 2015)

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