Into the Woods with Elsje & Douglas Fir Tea

One moment you meet Elsje at your publisher’s party and the next you follow her into the woods, searching for all things edible that nature has to offer in the winter. I can assure you, it’s more than you think. Elsje Bruinesteijn is the co-author of the price-winning book Liever Lokaal (Preferably Local) and organizes […]

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Sunshine Smoothie

Hello, sunshine! Yesterday we prepared almond cashew milk and today we make this sunny smoothie with mango, fresh ginger root, and turmeric with it. Ginger root and turmeric add extra flavor and some spiciness to the drink, plus these roots are also good when you want to save yourself from an upcoming cold. Something you […]

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Nut milk & Nut truffles

What is love? For me it’s teaching your children how to take good care of themselves and show them how to cook with attention and passion. So this weekend I’ll spend some time in the kitchen with my two daughters to make wonderful healthy things based on nut milk: chocolate truffles (made with the leftover […]

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Flo’s Chocoloco Tart

I think my daughter Flo (14) should become a chocolatier one day. She’s already a connoisseur: she notes down her tasting experiences of chocolate in a little notebook and she is very precise when it comes to making chocolate desserts. When we lived in the US she had her own blog about chocolate (click here) […]

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Beet Blinis

We already had a practice run for Christmas. Petra brought a beautiful bottle of vodka from Berlin en Tal thought of these blinis to go with it. Of course, a perfect combination but also without the vodka these blinis are a showstopper. This recipe is also featured in this month’s issue of the Dutch culinary […]

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