orange rhubarb cocktail or mocktail

This orange cocktail doesn’t need any explanation! At least not for our Dutch followers. But for our non-Dutch followers: tomorrow it’s King’s Day in the Netherlands, which means orange everywhere. Orange clothes, orange decorations, orange food, orange drinks. Of course, we’ll participate as well with this seasonal orange rhubarb cocktail. It’s also delicious as a non-alcoholic mocktail. (more…)

Rhubarb Tart

It’s practically a requirement to do something with rhubarb this time of year. When I lived in Washington, DC I harvested rhubarb from mid spring until late summer, but early spring ‘means’ rhubarb, so let’s make this delicious rhubarb-vanilla tart now! By coincidence, both our husbands were having their birthdays last weekend, so this is another good reason to bake this tart, post it, and eat it until the very last crumb! And yes, this is my husband helping me out in the kitchen with his own birthday pie. He ate half of it! (more…)

Pasta with ramp pesto

Ramps are only in season for several weeks, so I get really excited when I see them for the first time. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to forage ramps in the Netherlands! Ramps –daslook in Dutch- are protected here. Don’t ask me why, because ramps literally grow like weeds. When I was living in the US, I used to pick ramps in the wild and often made soup or this easy pesto with them. (more…)

Cheat on Arnold Palmer tea

It’s summer! At least in DC it is. With temperatures in the 80s this week, we are living outdoors again. But not without thirst quenching drinks, like this iced tea, which is my easy and healthy version of an Arnold Palmer. (more…)

Asparagus with blue cheese & dill

I know, last week we posted a recipe with asparagus as well, but who cares. There in season and delicious. And it happens to be the birthday of the king back home in the Netherlands today! Since I think the asparagus is ‘the king of vegetables’, this is the perfect dish to celebrate King’s Day. (more…)

Asparagus Quiche with ricotta & lemon

We decided to spend Spring Break in Texas. We needed to warm up a little after the long and cold winter in DC and Texas was still on our bucket list. As Europeans we are not used to ‘do’ an enormous state like Texas in a week, so we limited our trip to Austin and the Hill Country. We wanted to take in some music in the Live Music Capital of the World, (more…)

Scones with Cranberries & Cherries

When I was young, Easter wasn’t complete without matzos with butter, sugar and garden cress – something I still eat around this time of year. In Berlin, the stores and bakeries are filled with chocolate eggs and bunny shaped bread rolls as of early February. Whoever celebrates Easter with a brunch, can’t go without lots of eggs and a thick slice of Easter bread, but (more…)

Rhubarb Yoghurt Parfait

When Europeans, like us, think of a parfait, they think of a frozen French ice cake-like dessert. Not of a layered dessert in a glass, and certainly not of a healthy breakfast treat with yoghurt, fruit, and granola. But after almost 4 years in The States, I’ve adopted some typical American terms, so a parfait has become a layered yoghurt breakfast dish to me (just as an ‘entrée’ has become a main dish instead of a starter…). I prepare these little yoghurt parfaits with al kinds of fruit, but since it’s still rhubarb time, I’ve made these with a rhubarb-honey compote. Very simple, very tasty. I like to eat them on lazy Sundays with our homemade granola as a sort of ‘breakfast starter’, but they’re also good during the week as a breakfast on the go in a cup with a lid. (more…)

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