The Hague Honey (Haagse Honing)

I’m currently working on a city guide: 111 places in The Hague that you must not miss. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is. I feel like a tourist in my own town: I explore neighborhoods I hardly ever visited before, meet exceptional new people and fall deeper in love with my beautiful city every day. Last week, I learned about a secluded flower garden embraced by shrubs and trees at the end of my street where bees are being kept. (more…)

Les Souvenirs de Reims (map included!)

When we are staying at my parents’ house in the French Champagne Ardenne we always try to visit the champagne city Reims as well. Preferably on a lively market day (Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday). Reims is not Paris, places for good food ánd the right vibes are not easy to find, but over the years I’ve found my way around this cute historic French town. (more…)

Les Souvenirs de Paris (map included!)

We decided to spend some time in Paris. To support the city and to breathe the air of Paris again after five years of living in the States! We walked, we ate, we walked, we ate some more, we shopped, we ate, and we fully enjoyed the city. Of course we visited some of the addresses Yvette van Boven, a well-known cookbook author, shared with us on our blog, but we also discovered some new ones. At the best shops we bought a souvenir. (more…)

A great weekend in Rotterdam by Wim de Jong (map included!)

Rotterdam, Rotterdam! Even international newspapers and magazines agree: it is the best city in the Netherlands, maybe even in Europe. We can’t deny it, Rotterdam is indeed a great city, but since we live abroad we don’t visit it as often as we used to. So we asked Dutch journalist Wim de Jong, an old friend of Petra’s and an in-law of Tal’s, these two simple questions: “Where do we have to go for dinner when we’re in Rotterdam? And is the recently opened food market ‘Markthal’ really that special?” (more…)

Berlin: Neue Heimat

In Berlin, Sundays traditionally are for flea markets. Here you’ll find beautiful vintage clothes, tableware and cutlery, hand made items from artists all over town and the world. The most beloved markets are Mauer Park and Arkonaplatz in the Prenzlauer Berg / Mitte area, Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain and the markets on RAW Gelände in Friendrichshain. On the far left of the RAW Gelände, a former industrial complex built in the DDR-era, a brand new market opened: (more…)

Copenhagen shopping & eating out

Earlier this year, I spent a week in Copenhagen for the photography of the Dutch / German 100% Kopenhagen city guide. I love the capital of Denmark: the city has the right size (not too small, not too big). You can drive around on a bike without being hit by a car ánd not miss a thing. The people are warm and friendly and they know how to beautifully wrap their delicatessen and how to design a restaurant, which is something we really, really love. Although I could go on and on, these are a few addresses I want to share right now. (more…)

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