Tosso Rosso

Hugo, eat your heart out and Aperol Spritz, move over! We discovered a new cocktail this weekend and such a good one too! It’s the Tosso Rosso and here is how to make it. Easy does it.

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I know, not everyone agrees, but yes, I find German a beautiful language. I love the many inventive words; one of my favorites is Feierabend, which signifies the time after work. Schöne Feierabend! You hear it a lot, sometimes already quite early in the afternoon. Celebrate this time of the day with a good beer […]

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Gorgeous Gougères

The in-laws are over from the Netherlands, which means: appetizers! These gougères are ideal, if you’d ask me. I make a large batch quite often, and what we do not eat right away, we freeze. Gougères, originally French, seemed to me a perfect follow-up to the great Parisian addresses that Yvette van Boven shared with us […]

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Mulled wine is one of the best winter drinks around. All over the world you’ll find different kinds, and in Denmark they call it glögg. One winterly Sunday afternoon, we drank a few glasses at a friends house and wanted to move to Denmark instantly. The recipe though isn’t Danish at all, she confided us, […]

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