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Biscuits with Avocado & Egg

Last summer, we spent a couple of days of our vacation in Brooklyn, New York. We had breakfast at this very nice place, Café Madeline. I had these biscuits (also called scones) with avocado and egg. They were delicious which is why I decided to make them for our Sunday morning breakfast and the blog. The biscuits are delicious with nasturtium, which is a plant that has edible leaves and flowers. The leaves taste a little like watercress. They are still blooming on our balcony and I think they make every dish look special. (more…)

Breakfast Burritos

The concept of ‘Breakfast All Day’ finally gets some attention in the Netherlands as well. And rightly so! I mean, what’s wrong with eating fried eggs with bacon and potatoes for dinner? Or having burritos for breakfast? When it comes to breakfast I’ve never been ‘the coffee with a croissant type’. It leaves me unsatisfied and (more…)

Pasta with ramp pesto

Ramps are only in season for several weeks, so I get really excited when I see them for the first time. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to forage ramps in the Netherlands! Ramps –daslook in Dutch- are protected here. Don’t ask me why, because ramps literally grow like weeds. When I was living in the US, I used to pick ramps in the wild and often made soup or this easy pesto with them. (more…)

Comfort Food nr 1: mac ‘n cheese

All we need right now is comfort food that has been made with love: mac ‘n cheese! This recipe has been written and photographed by Tal and is featured this month in the Dutch culinary magazine Elle Eten. We share it on our blog today because in these cold and dark days we can’t think of any food that is more comforting. (more…)

Russian Okroshka

Spring in Berlin starts with the blooming of ten thousands of Japanese cherry blossom trees. The Japanese donated them after the Fall of the Wall in1989. Just a few days after they have started blooming, it rains pink leaves. And from one day to the other, (more…)

Asparagus with blue cheese & dill

I know, last week we posted a recipe with asparagus as well, but who cares. There in season and delicious. And it happens to be the birthday of the king back home in the Netherlands today! Since I think the asparagus is ‘the king of vegetables’, this is the perfect dish to celebrate King’s Day. (more…)

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