Nasi – Indonesian Fried Rice

I’m quite sure this was the first dish I prepared for friends. I was still a teenager, living at home, going to high school. On my birthday I wanted to invite some people over for dinner. I sent my parents away but not before they gave me their famous recipe for Nasi, a dish we ate quite often at our house. Nasi, or Nasi Goreng, is a simple Indonesian fried rice dish. I still make it quite often and use my parents’ recipe as a basis. It’s one of the recipes I cherish because of all the good memories that are attached to it. (more…)

Sauerkraut Casserole with Smoked Chicken

The world looks unrealistically bright, and soft, almost without color. Voices are smothered, cars seem to disappear, it feels quiet and serene outside. When there’s snow I’m always caught by the beauty of winter light. Winter, snow and sauerkraut…they belong together. Yesterday, I made this casserole with celeriac root and potato mash, leeks, red bell pepper, and caraway seeds. (more…)

Moroccan Carrot Soup with lamb & freekeh

This is a perfect soup for Sundays! It’s an old recipe of mine that was inspired by a recipe of a Moroccan friend. She and her family always prepare this soup, also known as Harira, during the Ramadan. Well, I know it’s not the Ramadan, but on grayish days like today in The Hague, it’s a comforting dish. We might curl ourselves up on the couch tonight with this soup while listening to some music or watching a movie. (more…)

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

This is not my butcher. This is my husband preparing one of his favorite subs: Philly Cheesesteak. We had our first Philly Cheesesteak while living in the US and have been making it ever since. I know that people can be skeptical when it comes to preparing a good cheesesteak sandwich. They have discussions about what ought to be in it and what not. Well, mine is not traditional, that’s for sure, but (more…)

Turkish Picnic in the Park

We’re working very, very hard on finishing our upcoming cookbook – the Dutch edition will be out this Fall and who knows, maybe in English sooner than we think! We dedicate four pages to one of the most favorite hobbies of all Berliners: having a picnic in the park. (more…)

Easy Moroccan Chicken

I’ve been planning on posting this Moroccan recipe for months now, but never got to it. We’re very busy writing our upcoming Kitchen Table Food cookbook, which will be full of recipes inspired by our lives in Berlin and Washington, DC. It will be published this fall in the Netherlands (and hopefully soon in de US and Germany as well)! (more…)

Pasta e Ceci

There are days when we are just too busy to do some decent grocery shopping. On those days we open our fridge and closets and often end up making this Pasta e Ceci (Pasta with Chickpeas). I love this simple Italian dish: it’s easy to prepare and I almost always have the ingredients at hand. (more…)

Chili Bowl

Of course we’ll eat chili bowl tonight! After having spent almost five years in the States I have come to fully embrace this spicy and flavorful tradition on Super Bowl Sunday. Every year I try to make a different version. This year I used ground beef instead of beef chuck, and I must say, it turned out really good. (more…)

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