Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

Living in Berlin was great, for many reasons, the food scene definitely being one of them. A very nice place for breakfast, lunch and brunch is Meierei, previously an old dairy shop. They serve classical Alpine dishes such as Milchreis, Käsespätzle, goulash and a devine Apfelstrudel. The recipe is over a 100 years old and […]

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Nut milk & Nut truffles

What is love? For me it’s teaching your children how to take good care of themselves and show them how to cook with attention and passion. So this weekend I’ll spend some time in the kitchen with my two daughters to make wonderful healthy things based on nut milk: chocolate truffles (made with the leftover […]

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Flo’s Chocoloco Tart

I think my daughter Flo (14) should become a chocolatier one day. She’s already a connoisseur: she notes down her tasting experiences of chocolate in a little notebook and she is very precise when it comes to making chocolate desserts. When we lived in the US she had her own blog about chocolate (click here) […]

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Thanksgiving: Pecan Chocolate Pie

For all our friends in the US who want to finish off Thanksgiving with an almost classic Pecan Pie (almost…this one contains chocolate), and for all our Dutch friends who might want to celebrate Thanksgiving or just feel like making a delicious pie (I could happily eat Pecan Pie 365 days of the year).

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French Apple Tart

The house in France, I missed it dearly the last couple of years while living in the US. My parents own a stately home in a half deserted village in the French countryside. Once, it used to be the village school with one classroom and a school bell hanging in a small tower in the yard.

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Felix Austria is a tiny little restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Red and white checkered tablecloths, dark wooden furniture, bottles of the herb-lemonade Almdudler in the fridge. On the menu: sausage salad, potato salad, goulash, Marillenknödel (Apricot Knodel), and these Kaiserschmarrn, an Austrian pancake dessert.

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