German Quark Fritters! Happy New Year!

This is a recipe from Petra, who lived in Berlin for several years! As the co-founder of Kitchen Table Food and a good friend, I’m happy to welcome yet another German recipe of hers: airy and fluffy Quarckbällchen. Baked by her daughter Fenna, who just like my daughter Flo is a passionate baker. In The Netherlands we have the tradition of eating typically Dutch fried foods during New Year’s Eve. These little German fritters are a welcome change! Happy New Year everyone! (more…)

Beet Blinis

We already had a practice run for Christmas. Petra brought a beautiful bottle of vodka from Berlin en Tal thought of these blinis to go with it. Of course, a perfect combination but also without the vodka these blinis are a showstopper. This recipe is also featured in this month’s issue of the Dutch culinary magazine Elle Eten. Have yourself a lovely Christmas! (more…)

Thanksgiving: Pecan Chocolate Pie

For all our friends in the US who want to finish off Thanksgiving with an almost classic Pecan Pie (almost…this one contains chocolate), and for all our Dutch friends who might want to celebrate Thanksgiving or just feel like making a delicious pie (I could happily eat Pecan Pie 365 days of the year). (more…)

Scones with Cranberries & Cherries

When I was young, Easter wasn’t complete without matzos with butter, sugar and garden cress – something I still eat around this time of year. In Berlin, the stores and bakeries are filled with chocolate eggs and bunny shaped bread rolls as of early February. Whoever celebrates Easter with a brunch, can’t go without lots of eggs and a thick slice of Easter bread, but (more…)

Happy New Year!

Our New Year’s Eve tradition is to begin and end the evening with champagne. But not without having an array of appetizers within reach or we won’t make it until midnight. These are some of the appetizers we’ll have this year, all easy to prepare: Warm Marinated Olives, Parmesan Crisps, and Goat Cheese with Cranberries and Nuts. Happy New Year! (more…)

Christmas Stollen

Dresden, a two-hour drive from Berlin, is the hometown of the real Christstollen (Christmas Stollen). It’s serious business: about 130 bakers make these famous breads every year. There is one more or less secret basic recipe, but all bakers make their own variations. Traditionally, you should buy a stollen two to four weeks before Christmas. I usually do not plan that far ahead. (more…)

Ulla’s Glögg & Ginger-Licorice Cookies

My Danish friend Ulla, who opens a coffee shop in Berlin next January, is a great cook and also knows how to bake the most delicious cookies. For her traditional Advent Party she made eight different versions, among which these crispy ginger cookies with raw licorice powder. Cookies with licorice? It may sound odd, but the Danes love it. And, actually, it’s quite delicious. (more…)

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