It was a beautiful and warm fall night, so we decided to cook outside: Jambalaya. I think of Jambalaya as the Louisiana version of paella. Okay, the rice and spices are different, but I prepare both dishes more or less in the same way. I usually add chicken, chorizo and shrimp, but sometimes I replace […]

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Janssons Frestelse

This pink can was sitting in my fridge (yes, you need to store those in the fridge!) as a last souvenir from our trip to Sweden this past summer. What better way to use it than make Sweden’s favorite Janssons Frestelse, an oven dish with potatoes and sprats? The Swedes might think we’ve gone nuts,

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Salade Niçoise

Of course, there’s nothing new about this Salad Niçoise, but I suddenly felt like making one while I was reading Delancey by Molly Wizenberg (author, among others of the successful blog Orangette). Delancey is a lovely book about the opening of her husband’s pizzeria with ditto name in Seattle (btw, a must-go address if you’re […]

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Spaghetti Monte e Mare

Summer goes by too fast! We just got back from our wonderful trip along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. From one of our vacation rentals on the rugged coast of Oregon we had a stunning view of the ‘Proposal Rock’, a huge rock rising up out of the ocean at Neskovin. We prepared this […]

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Summer Beets: Two Easy Salads

While Petra is on a bike tour in Europe with her family (from Berlin to Copenhagen!), I’m discovering the Pacific Northwest with husband and kids in a car. Especially in Seattle and Portland it’s hard not too have great food. I’m thrilled seeing so many good and beautiful restaurants (soon I’ll post some must-go addresses). […]

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I know, not everyone agrees, but yes, I find German a beautiful language. I love the many inventive words; one of my favorites is Feierabend, which signifies the time after work. Schöne Feierabend! You hear it a lot, sometimes already quite early in the afternoon. Celebrate this time of the day with a good beer […]

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Sunny Sardine Sandwich

This cute little can of sardines has been sitting in my pantry for quite a while, but today I suddenly felt like opening it. It’s summer in DC, so it’s time for sunny Mediterranean lunches on the terrace, like this sandwich. I used baby kale, but it’s also nice with arugula. Just add some mayonnaise, […]

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Before we moved to the United States, we rented a tiny apartment in the heart of Venice for years. Oh, was I in love with this city! We feasted on the local prosecco, ate cicètti, black squid ink risotto, and these mouthwatering scallops (capesante), a Venetian specialty. We bought them whole in the shell at […]

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