Kedgeree (the Dutch way)

What do I eat? I mean what do I really eat? What do I cook for my family after a day of work? Several years ago my eldest daughter Rosa had a blog about our daily food, called Rosa 365 Eats (it’s still in the air, just click on the link). For a year she posted what we had for dinner or lunch and took a picture of what was served at our kitchen table. (more…)

Home-Smoked Sockeye Salmon with Beet Salad

Happy New Year! Eat thoughtfully, cook and live joyfully! This was our festive but simple New Year’s Day lunch: home-smoked wild Sockeye Salmon with a roasted beet-celery salad on top of a creamy hummus. It looks like a lengthy recipe, but in fact it consists of a couple of small make-ahead recipes, so no stress at the very last moment here. Serve with a glass of champagne or good white wine and consider yourself a lucky person. (more…)

Taco Sunday

A book on how to spend your Sunday! How cool is that! Petra de Hamer, the co-founder of this site (see About for more info), is now an independent bookmaker and asked me to share my favorite Sunday recipes. Such a great assignment! Besides beautiful stories, road and city trips the book features my recipes for a Sunday Roast, Indonesian slow cooked Chicken Soup, a crumb free breakfast with Ricotta Pancakes for in bed, a festive sunny Clam Bake, Pasta della Nonna, these crispy fish tacos, and more. (more…)

Beet Blinis

We already had a practice run for Christmas. Petra brought a beautiful bottle of vodka from Berlin en Tal thought of these blinis to go with it. Of course, a perfect combination but also without the vodka these blinis are a showstopper. This recipe is also featured in this month’s issue of the Dutch culinary magazine Elle Eten. Have yourself a lovely Christmas! (more…)

Long Island Clams with Herb Butter

Summer Break! After spending the week in Manhattan, it was time for a change of pace, and we decided, as so many New Yorkers do, to settle on Long Island. We occupied a beautifully restored, 200-year old barn on the East End and enjoyed the sandy beaches, gorgeous bays, fertile land and vineyards, upscale beach towns, and sleepy Hopperian villages. (more…)

Oysters for the Oscars

While watching the 87th Academy Awards we want something decadent to eat: oysters! Last year we made raw oysters with a spicy vinaigrette, this year we’ll eat them broiled with a rich green herb butter and a crunchy breadcrumb topping. They are somewhat inspired by the famous Oysters Rockefeller, (more…)


It was a beautiful and warm fall night, so we decided to cook outside: Jambalaya. I think of Jambalaya as the Louisiana version of paella. Okay, the rice and spices are different, but I prepare both dishes more or less in the same way. I usually add chicken, chorizo and shrimp, but sometimes I replace the shrimp with fresh squid. Traditionally it’s made with Andouille sausage, but a soft chorizo (more…)

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