Dutch-Indonesian Spice Cake (spekkoek)

This cake originated during the Dutch-Indonesian colonial era. It probably gets its name from the fact that it resembles bacon, which is ‘spek’ in Dutch. Close to my house there is a very good Indonesian restaurant, called Didong, where I often go with my family. There, we always have spekkoek for dessert, which I love! That’s why I wanted to try making it myself. (more…)

Apple-Hazelnut Upside-down Cake

My grandparents own a vacation house in France in the Champagne-Ardenne. My family goes there usually during fall break. The house is in a tiny village made up of only one street. Whenever we’re there in the fall, we make sure to pick apples from the apple trees in the garden of an old lady who lived in the village her whole life. (more…)

Biscuits with Avocado & Egg

Last summer, we spent a couple of days of our vacation in Brooklyn, New York. We had breakfast at this very nice place, Café Madeline. I had these biscuits (also called scones) with avocado and egg. They were delicious which is why I decided to make them for our Sunday morning breakfast and the blog. The biscuits are delicious with nasturtium, which is a plant that has edible leaves and flowers. The leaves taste a little like watercress. They are still blooming on our balcony and I think they make every dish look special. (more…)

Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

Living in Berlin was great, for many reasons, the food scene definitely being one of them. A very nice place for breakfast, lunch and brunch is Meierei, previously an old dairy shop. They serve classical Alpine dishes such as Milchreis, Käsespätzle, goulash and a devine Apfelstrudel. The recipe is over a 100 years old and is to remain a kitchen secret, but (more…)

Thanksgiving: Pecan Chocolate Pie

For all our friends in the US who want to finish off Thanksgiving with an almost classic Pecan Pie (almost…this one contains chocolate), and for all our Dutch friends who might want to celebrate Thanksgiving or just feel like making a delicious pie (I could happily eat Pecan Pie 365 days of the year). (more…)

quince apple crumble with star anise

Happiness on rainy November days: a warm and comforting crumble with fruit. Now is the time to cook with quinces. You can find them at farmers’ markets and the better grocery stores. Or maybe you are, like us, lucky enough to know someone with a quince tree in his or her backyard. (more…)

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