Spicy Hot Chocolate

Every now and then, on cold winter days, I make this decadent hot chocolate. It’s based on the traditional Mexican hot chocolate with spices, but over the years I developed my own recipe. I want it thick and velvety, so I add quite some cornstarch. I also love to give it some kick and add a pinch […]

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orange rhubarb cocktail or mocktail

This orange cocktail doesn’t need any explanation! At least not for our Dutch followers. But for our non-Dutch followers: tomorrow it’s King’s Day in the Netherlands, which means orange everywhere. Orange clothes, orange decorations, orange food, orange drinks. Of course, we’ll participate as well with this seasonal orange rhubarb cocktail. It’s also delicious as a […]

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Into the Woods with Elsje & Douglas Fir Tea

One moment you meet Elsje at your publisher’s party and the next you follow her into the woods, searching for all things edible that nature has to offer in the winter. I can assure you, it’s more than you think. Elsje Bruinesteijn is the co-author of the price-winning book Liever Lokaal (Preferably Local) and organizes […]

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Sunshine Smoothie

Hello, sunshine! Yesterday we prepared almond cashew milk and today we make this sunny smoothie with mango, fresh ginger root, and turmeric with it. Ginger root and turmeric add extra flavor and some spiciness to the drink, plus these roots are also good when you want to save yourself from an upcoming cold. Something you […]

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Berlin: Juice Werkstatt

More fruit, more veg. Even when you have the feeling you eat lots and lots of them, you might be told by your doctor that you should eat even more. Ouch. Although I really love fruit and veg, some days I’m apparently not eating enough of it. The idea popped up like that: “I should […]

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Time for a toast!

The very last recipe for our upcoming cookbook has been written, photographed, cooked, checked, and sent to our layout designer. The book is about to be published! A good reason to bring out a toast. Plus it’s almost the 4th of July so all the more reason to fix ourselves a cocktail. No need to […]

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