Dutch-Indonesian Spice Cake (spekkoek)

This cake originated during the Dutch-Indonesian colonial era. It probably gets its name from the fact that it resembles bacon, which is ‘spek’ in Dutch. Close to my house there is a very good Indonesian restaurant, called Didong, where I often go with my family. There, we always have spekkoek for dessert, which I love! That’s why I wanted to try making it myself. (more…)

German Quark Fritters! Happy New Year!

This is a recipe from Petra, who lived in Berlin for several years! As the co-founder of Kitchen Table Food and a good friend, I’m happy to welcome yet another German recipe of hers: airy and fluffy Quarckbällchen. Baked by her daughter Fenna, who just like my daughter Flo is a passionate baker. In The Netherlands we have the tradition of eating typically Dutch fried foods during New Year’s Eve. These little German fritters are a welcome change! Happy New Year everyone! (more…)

Flo’s Chocoloco Tart

I think my daughter Flo (14) should become a chocolatier one day. She’s already a connoisseur: she notes down her tasting experiences of chocolate in a little notebook and she is very precise when it comes to making chocolate desserts. When we lived in the US she had her own blog about chocolate (click here) with the most beautiful recipes. (more…)

Thanksgiving: Pecan Chocolate Pie

For all our friends in the US who want to finish off Thanksgiving with an almost classic Pecan Pie (almost…this one contains chocolate), and for all our Dutch friends who might want to celebrate Thanksgiving or just feel like making a delicious pie (I could happily eat Pecan Pie 365 days of the year). (more…)

quince apple crumble with star anise

Happiness on rainy November days: a warm and comforting crumble with fruit. Now is the time to cook with quinces. You can find them at farmers’ markets and the better grocery stores. Or maybe you are, like us, lucky enough to know someone with a quince tree in his or her backyard. (more…)

Little Rhubarb Crumble Bars

Let’s enjoy some more rhubarb. Last Sunday, my two daughters organized an English Tea Party in the yard. They couldn’t have picked a better day: the weather was more than beautiful, blossoms were all around us, and yes, it was mother’s day. They prepared us strawberries with cream, sandwiches with watercress, and delicate chocolate rounds. Plus these little rhubarb crumble bars, based on a recipe of mine. In winter I like to make them with cranberries, but in spring I prefer rhubarb: very tasty too! (more…)