Biscuits with Avocado & Egg

Last summer, we spent a couple of days of our vacation in Brooklyn, New York. We had breakfast at this very nice place, Café Madeline. I had these biscuits (also called scones) with avocado and egg. They were delicious which is why I decided to make them for our Sunday morning breakfast and the blog. The biscuits are delicious with nasturtium, which is a plant that has edible leaves and flowers. The leaves taste a little like watercress. They are still blooming on our balcony and I think they make every dish look special. (more…)

Rose-hip jam

I live about ten minutes away from the beach, where we go very often in the summer. To get to the beach, you have to walk through the dunes, where there are a lot of rose-hip plants blooming this time of year. I’ve always wanted to try making rose-hip jam so this year, I gave it a try. I love the idea of picking fruit in nature and turning it into something delicious. (more…)

Breakfast Burritos

The concept of ‘Breakfast All Day’ finally gets some attention in the Netherlands as well. And rightly so! I mean, what’s wrong with eating fried eggs with bacon and potatoes for dinner? Or having burritos for breakfast? When it comes to breakfast I’ve never been ‘the coffee with a croissant type’. It leaves me unsatisfied and (more…)

11 places to start the day in Paris (map included!)

For me, waking up in Paris used to mean waking up to a café au lait, a fresh croissant, and a freshly pressed orange juice. Until recently. After leaving the US and moving back to Europe last year, we have visited Paris several times. To my pleasant surprise, we found multitudinous cafés serving healthy and New York style breakfasts; (more…)

Sunshine Smoothie

Hello, sunshine! Yesterday we prepared almond cashew milk and today we make this sunny smoothie with mango, fresh ginger root, and turmeric with it. Ginger root and turmeric add extra flavor and some spiciness to the drink, plus these roots are also good when you want to save yourself from an upcoming cold. Something you cannot afford today. Happy Valentine’s Day! (more…)

Compote: A Different Kind of Jam

My first couple of years in Berlin, I happily joined the jam-making madness. In spring and summer, when the fruit is cheap and almost overripe, the markets are crowded. You will see people buying way too much fruit and I bet you: about to make way too much jam for the rest of the year. (more…)

Scones with Cranberries & Cherries

When I was young, Easter wasn’t complete without matzos with butter, sugar and garden cress – something I still eat around this time of year. In Berlin, the stores and bakeries are filled with chocolate eggs and bunny shaped bread rolls as of early February. Whoever celebrates Easter with a brunch, can’t go without lots of eggs and a thick slice of Easter bread, but (more…)

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