Nasi – Indonesian Fried Rice

I’m quite sure this was the first dish I prepared for friends. I was still a teenager, living at home, going to high school. On my birthday I wanted to invite some people over for dinner. I sent my parents away but not before they gave me their famous recipe for Nasi, a dish we ate quite often at our house. Nasi, or Nasi Goreng, is a simple Indonesian fried rice dish. I still make it quite often and use my parents’ recipe as a basis. It’s one of the recipes I cherish because of all the good memories that are attached to it. (more…)

Roasted Winter Roots with Walnut pesto

I’m always a little surprised how much weather and food are connected for me. It’s going to be a cold week here in the Netherlands, with temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, so I’m feeling like eating stews, soups, sauerkraut with smoked sausages, and so on. Comforting stuff. Who wants a salad for dinner right now? Last night I served these winter veggies with a walnut pesto and a grilled steak. A perfect simple dinner forĀ a cold winter day. (more…)

Moroccan Carrot Soup with lamb & freekeh

This is a perfect soup for Sundays! It’s an old recipe of mine that was inspired by a recipe of a Moroccan friend. She and her family always prepare this soup, also known as Harira, during the Ramadan. Well, I know it’s not the Ramadan, but on grayish days like today in The Hague, it’s a comforting dish. We might curl ourselves up on the couch tonight with this soup while listening to some music or watching a movie. (more…)

Kedgeree (the Dutch way)

What do I eat? I mean what do I really eat? What do I cook for my family after a day of work? Several years ago my eldest daughter Rosa had a blog about our daily food, called Rosa 365 Eats (it’s still in the air, just click on the link). For a year she posted what we had for dinner or lunch and took a picture of what was served at our kitchen table. (more…)