Farewell Lunch in DC with Wessel de Jong

Over the past 3 years he has spent much time at our kitchen table: Wessel de Jong, correspondent for the Dutch broadcasting company NOS in DC, but most of all a good friend. He recently moved back to the Netherlands, but before he did he took me to his favorite places to eat and drink, all close to his office on M Street. One last time a ‘Half and Half’ at Bread & Brew, a cappuccino grande at the little Illy Coffee Shop located in a fancy hotel, and a massive cheesecake at Kramerbooks & Afterwords. Places where he and colleagues often met. (more…)

Pitango Gelato & Dolcezza: Two Favorite Spots for Gelato in DC

Dolcezza is well-known for its beautiful decorated locations and original flavors. Pitango Gelato’s flavors are more classic, but taste extremely pure, rich and delicious (I know, it’s a cliché, but their hazelnut gelato is to die for!). Both places make ‘gelato’, the Italian version of ice cream. It contains less fat and is churned differently than regular ice cream. Despite its lower fat content gelato is thick, dense, smooth and super creamy. (more…)

DC: Etto for antipasti & pizza

Etto 2-0190

One of my favorite places for Italian food in The District is Etto. The tiny spot on hip 14th Street isn’t fancy, but the food is absolutely fabulous. Both the wood-fired pizzas and antipasti are made right behind the bar. Love that. That’s why I prefer to sit at the bar, so I can watch the cooks prepare the food. (more…)