Ditmas Park, Brooklyn (map included!)

This summer we traveled to our former country of residence, America. And it was good to be back! I realize I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in another country and culture for so many years. Living abroad broadens your horizon and eliminates prejudices. Like so many Europeans I once had a prejudice against American food. How wrong was I?! (more…)

Long Island Clams with Herb Butter

Summer Break! After spending the week in Manhattan, it was time for a change of pace, and we decided, as so many New Yorkers do, to settle on Long Island. We occupied a beautifully restored, 200-year old barn on the East End and enjoyed the sandy beaches, gorgeous bays, fertile land and vineyards, upscale beach towns, and sleepy Hopperian villages. (more…)

Asparagus Quiche with ricotta & lemon

We decided to spend Spring Break in Texas. We needed to warm up a little after the long and cold winter in DC and Texas was still on our bucket list. As Europeans we are not used to ‘do’ an enormous state like Texas in a week, so we limited our trip to Austin and the Hill Country. We wanted to take in some music in the Live Music Capital of the World, (more…)

Texas Energy Bars

Travelling can be extremely difficult. When travelling I always search for the out-of-the-ordinary, that special feeling of belonging, of being awestruck by a view, a place, a dish. In reality, though, I often end up accepting that less than perfect is all I can get. A cool restaurant serving mediocre food. Or the other way round: the food is great but the place has the look and feel of a crematorium. (more…)

Mexican Food in Arizona

Last week my family and I travelled through the rough landscape of Arizona. Outstanding! Even in the desert you can get decent food, just do your best and don’t settle too easily for fast food restaurants. I love Mexican food and in this border state there is an abundance of good Mexican restaurants. Lucky me! Two restaurants we visited are especially worth mentioning: Elote Cafe in Sedona and Barrio Café in Phoenix. (more…)