Les Souvenirs de Reims (map included!)

When we are staying at my parents’ house in the French Champagne Ardenne we always try to visit the champagne city Reims as well. Preferably on a lively market day (Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday). Reims is not Paris, places for good food ánd the right vibes are not easy to find, but over the years […]

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Easy Moroccan Chicken

I’ve been planning on posting this Moroccan recipe for months now, but never got to it. We’re very busy writing our upcoming Kitchen Table Food cookbook, which will be full of recipes inspired by our lives in Berlin and Washington, DC. It will be published this fall in the Netherlands (and hopefully soon in de […]

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Texas Energy Bars

Travelling can be extremely difficult. When travelling I always search for the out-of-the-ordinary, that special feeling of belonging, of being awestruck by a view, a place, a dish. In reality, though, I often end up accepting that less than perfect is all I can get. A cool restaurant serving mediocre food. Or the other way […]

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