Garlic Soup from the Dutch Garlic King

It’s true, we have a garlic king in The Hague! His name is Ton Oosterhout. Together with his wife Veronica he owns a teeny weeny shop in his former bike shed, called Vers uit de Gers (Fresh from the Gers). It’s full with imported purple garlic from Cadours, France, not far from where the couple […]

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The Hague Honey (Haagse Honing)

I’m currently working on a city guide: 111 places in The Hague that you must not miss. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is. I feel like a tourist in my own town: I explore neighborhoods I hardly ever visited before, meet exceptional new people and fall deeper in love with my beautiful city […]

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Ditmas Park, Brooklyn (map included!)

This summer we traveled to our former country of residence, America. And it was good to be back! I realize I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in another country and culture for so many years. Living abroad broadens your horizon and eliminates prejudices. Like so many Europeans I once had […]

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