Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

Living in Berlin was great, for many reasons, the food scene definitely being one of them. A very nice place for breakfast, lunch and brunch is Meierei, previously an old dairy shop. They serve classical Alpine dishes such as Milchreis, Käsespätzle, goulash and a devine Apfelstrudel. The recipe is over a 100 years old and is to remain a kitchen secret, but (more…)

Berlin: Juice Werkstatt

More fruit, more veg. Even when you have the feeling you eat lots and lots of them, you might be told by your doctor that you should eat even more. Ouch. Although I really love fruit and veg, some days I’m apparently not eating enough of it. The idea popped up like that: “I should treat myself to a slow juicer”. But which one? (more…)

Turkish Picnic in the Park

We’re working very, very hard on finishing our upcoming cookbook – the Dutch edition will be out this Fall and who knows, maybe in English sooner than we think! We dedicate four pages to one of the most favorite hobbies of all Berliners: having a picnic in the park. (more…)

Berlin: Neue Heimat

In Berlin, Sundays traditionally are for flea markets. Here you’ll find beautiful vintage clothes, tableware and cutlery, hand made items from artists all over town and the world. The most beloved markets are Mauer Park and Arkonaplatz in the Prenzlauer Berg / Mitte area, Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain and the markets on RAW Gelände in Friendrichshain. On the far left of the RAW Gelände, a former industrial complex built in the DDR-era, a brand new market opened: (more…)

Berlin: Neni

O happy days: former West-Berlin has a new hot spot, and it’s called Bikini Berlin, a concept mall with many nice-looking international pop-up shops in a great building. Go there, we’d say. (more…)

Berlin: Bite Club

A good night out starts with good food. Bite Club Berlin celebrates the summer with a selection of great Food Trucks. Bite Club Berlin started last year in Kreuzberg, but there is a second location now, right behind the Platoon Kunsthalle in Mitte. Which, lucky me, happens to be almost right next door to where I live. Every Saturday, here you’ll find the famous cheeseburger from the Buns Mobil, Mexican food from Taco Kween, great pastrami on rye from Mogg & Melzer, and much more. Top it off with some ice cream from Zwei Dicke Bäre. Get your drinks from the bar in Platoon Kunsthalle. (more…)