The Hague Honey (Haagse Honing)

I’m currently working on a city guide: 111 places in The Hague that you must not miss. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is. I feel like a tourist in my own town: I explore neighborhoods I hardly ever visited before, meet exceptional new people and fall deeper in love with my beautiful city every day. Last week, I learned about a secluded flower garden embraced by shrubs and trees at the end of my street where bees are being kept. (more…)

Berlin: Juice Werkstatt

More fruit, more veg. Even when you have the feeling you eat lots and lots of them, you might be told by your doctor that you should eat even more. Ouch. Although I really love fruit and veg, some days I’m apparently not eating enough of it. The idea popped up like that: “I should treat myself to a slow juicer”. But which one? (more…)

Mirthe’s Barcelona

Artist and designer Mirthe Blusse and I go way back. Last year, we worked together on a series of travel journals for the German newspaper Die Zeit. She drew beautiful black and white pictures of several iconic buildings in Europe. She then moved from Amsterdam to Barcelona, where she works as an artist in residence. (more…)

A great weekend in Rotterdam by Wim de Jong (map included!)

Rotterdam, Rotterdam! Even international newspapers and magazines agree: it is the best city in the Netherlands, maybe even in Europe. We can’t deny it, Rotterdam is indeed a great city, but since we live abroad we don’t visit it as often as we used to. So we asked Dutch journalist Wim de Jong, an old friend of Petra’s and an in-law of Tal’s, these two simple questions: “Where do we have to go for dinner when we’re in Rotterdam? And is the recently opened food market ‘Markthal’ really that special?” (more…)

Ulla’s Glögg & Ginger-Licorice Cookies

My Danish friend Ulla, who opens a coffee shop in Berlin next January, is a great cook and also knows how to bake the most delicious cookies. For her traditional Advent Party she made eight different versions, among which these crispy ginger cookies with raw licorice powder. Cookies with licorice? It may sound odd, but the Danes love it. And, actually, it’s quite delicious. (more…)

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