Sunday Night Pizza Night

On weekends, I am pretty much into homemade pizza, which my family doesn’t mind at all. Now that my daughters are (almost) grown up, we are way past Pizza Margherita and am I able to experiment with the toppings. This recipe of mine is also featured in ZO Zondag (So Sunday), a book full of […]

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Dutch butter cake with lavender

What better way to celebrate summer than to bake something with flowers. The smell and taste of lavender really reminds me of summer. This is why I decided to make this Dutch butter cake with lavender buds in it, which is also the perfect way to start of my weekend trip to my grandparents’ house […]

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Barcelona Beet Gazpacho

I recently got back from a trip to Barcelona that I took with my 19-year-old daughter. Food was obviously high on our list and we went to some great informal places for tapas. At one of these bars we were served a chilled beet gazpacho, which was a treat after a day of strolling through […]

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Hazelnut cookies with orange flower water

You could make these cookies with your eyes shut! I wanted to bake something very easy after school, so I decided to make these hazelnut cookies. I added some flower water because it’s blossom time, the trees in my street are blooming abundantly. And because I love orange flower water! I used a little, because […]

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Polenta ‘Pie’ for Dark Days

Ominous dark clouds, rain, and muddy roads in the French country side. Last week, when we visited my parents in their country house in France, my mom put the perfect dish on the table for this kind of weather. She made a ‘pie’ with a polenta crust, caramelized onions, and blue cheese, and served it […]

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Nasi – Indonesian Fried Rice

I’m quite sure this was the first dish I prepared for friends. I was still a teenager, living at home, going to high school. On my birthday I wanted to invite some people over for dinner. I sent my parents away but not before they gave me their famous recipe for Nasi, a dish we […]

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