Lavender cookies

Finally, the flowers are blooming again! My favorite flower is lavender. They smell and taste so good, which is why I wanted to make cookies with them. These cookies are delicious and you can taste the lavender really well. They are also pretty easy to make. It is best to make these cookies with fresh […]

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Tropical Truffles

The weather is finally starting to get a little better in The Netherlands! That’s why I decided to make these Tropical Truffles. These delicious truffles include all kinds of tropical flavors that make you think of the beach. Besides being delicious, they’re pretty healthy too! It is a very easy recipe that only has 5 […]

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My favorite Chocolate Pie

This pie looks more complicated than it actually is, since you only need to bake the crust. You don’t have to add the white chocolate decoration, but I thought it made the cake look more finished.

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