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Ditmas Park, Brooklyn (map included!)

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This summer we traveled to our former country of residence, America. And it was good to be back! I realize I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in another country and culture for so many years. Living abroad broadens your horizon and eliminates prejudices. Like so many Europeans I once had a prejudice against American food. How wrong was I?! (more…)

Breakfast Burritos

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The concept of ‘Breakfast All Day’ finally gets some attention in the Netherlands as well. And rightly so! I mean, what’s wrong with eating fried eggs with bacon and potatoes for dinner? Or having burritos for breakfast? When it comes to breakfast I’ve never been ‘the coffee with a croissant type’. It leaves me unsatisfied and (more…)

Flo’s Tropical Truffles

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Meet my 15-year old daughter, Flo. Besides being a wonderful daughter, she is also doing great things in the kitchen. Several years ago she started a blog about chocolate, her favorite ingredient. However, being busy with school, friends, and our migration to the Netherlands, she neglected her blog for a while. But to my pleasant surprise, she suddenly felt inspired again and started blogging under a beautiful new name: Bloomville(more…)

11 places to start the day in Paris (map included!)

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For me, waking up in Paris used to mean waking up to a café au lait, a fresh croissant, and a freshly pressed orange juice. Until recently. After leaving the US and moving back to Europe last year, we have visited Paris several times. To my pleasant surprise, we found multitudinous cafés serving healthy and New York style breakfasts; (more…)

orange rhubarb cocktail or mocktail

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This orange cocktail doesn’t need any explanation! At least not for our Dutch followers. But for our non-Dutch followers: tomorrow it’s King’s Day in the Netherlands, which means orange everywhere. Orange clothes, orange decorations, orange food, orange drinks. Of course, we’ll participate as well with this seasonal orange rhubarb cocktail. It’s also delicious as a non-alcoholic mocktail. (more…)

Rhubarb Tart

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It’s practically a requirement to do something with rhubarb this time of year. When I lived in Washington, DC I harvested rhubarb from mid spring until late summer, but early spring ‘means’ rhubarb, so let’s make this delicious rhubarb-vanilla tart now! By coincidence, both our husbands were having their birthdays last weekend, so this is another good reason to bake this tart, post it, and eat it until the very last crumb! And yes, this is my husband helping me out in the kitchen with his own birthday pie. He ate half of it! (more…)

Pasta with ramp pesto

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Ramps are only in season for several weeks, so I get really excited when I see them for the first time. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to forage ramps in the Netherlands! Ramps –daslook in Dutch- are protected here. Don’t ask me why, because ramps literally grow like weeds. When I was living in the US, I used to pick ramps in the wild and often made soup or this easy pesto with them. (more…)

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